Monday, December 3, 2012

Superhero Party!

 My darling son decided he wanted a "Superhero" themed birthday party this year.  We tend to only do parties every other year.  He got a 1st birthday party (because you have to have those cake pictures!), a 3rd birthday and now a 5th birthday party.

I scoured Pinterest for ideas on what to do and found many that I was able to copy and make my own.

The main table... Most of the items I purchased at Dollar Tree.  The backdrop is a simple plastic table cloth with balloons above.  I used some pieces of foam board to make the signs (I wrote it out by hand and used my kids markers to color it in!)  I made the cityscape from foam board and construction paper.

We had a simple "photo booth" area too.  I used more foam board to create the signs the kids held.  My 2 year old didn't understand you shouldn't block your face... but all the kids had fun!

I added the same foam board pieces to his balloon cake from Costco.  I think it turned out awesome and still added to the theme.

This was an idea I found on Pinterest to use plastic tablecloths to decorate the ceiling... I used steamers to fill in the voids... pretty huh?

I also made all the kids, boys and girls, their own superhero mask out of felt.  They had fun running around in them!!

All the kids had a great time.  This party was a ton of fun and I was so proud of all my homemade creations!


  1. How did you attach the table cloth streamers to the ceiling?

  2. Tammy, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I actually took the shorter end of the table cloth and bunched it together and taped it. I used the new bundled end and actually used a push pin in the ceiling. Granted this was in a clubhouse at my old condo so naturally I wasn't pinning holes into my own ceiling... best of luck!!

  3. I am so glad I came across this post. I needed some good ideas for my daughter’s birthday. She will be turning 10 this month and I am so confused about the theme. Although, I have finalized one of the prettiest Los Angeles event venues. Can you help me with a good theme?