Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freezer Paper Stenciling

My name is Leilani and I am addicted to Freezer Paper Stenciling.

I discovered this technique almost two years ago.  I have made about a dozen shirts for each of my boys and even a few for my husband.  I love having my boys tell me what kind of shirts they want... this way they get to explore their own creative side.

My 5 year old wanted a rainbow octopus... instead of rainbow he chose a few colors and we painted it together...

He most recently commissioned a veggie tales shirt from me.  He really loved their new movie "The League of Incredible Vegetables" and wanted their logo on a shirt.  Since we already had a plain white long sleeve shirt (from his Halloween costume) I decided to start it today.

What you need:

xacto knife
freezer paper (available at grocery stores)
fabric paint

I like to use images that are simple and more like a stencil than an elaborate drawing.  Their logo was super easy.

Step 1: cut out your image

Make sure that you start with the smaller pieces that you will need to save (in my case the letter V from the center).

Step 2: iron it down

Set your iron to a medium setting with NO STEAM.  Iron down the largest part first then work on positioning the smaller pieces.

** Remember that wherever you place a piece of freezer paper is not going to be painted.

Step 3: paint

First insert a piece of cardboard under the image so that the paint will not bleed to the back.  I like to paint from the outside in.  Making sure that you aren't pushing paint under the stencil.  For this project, I tend to not have much luck on white, I chose to paint the whole image white first.  This way any bleeding will be white and not red.

** Also if you need to paint more than one coat, make sure you let the first one dry completely.  Like with my first layer it will seal the edges of the stencil and prevent bleeding.

Step 4: remove and admire

Many different tutorials that I have seen say that you need to wait for it to dry... I think that you need to wait for it to be slightly dry.  I cannot wait to see my incredible handywork and tend to remove it within a few minutes of completion.

Others have said that you need to put a piece of fabric over it and "seal" the image with an iron and I have never done that either.  All of my images have stayed on for the past few years through many many trips in the washer.

YOU ARE DONE!!  The possibilities are endless and can be so much fun creating new and personal shirts for your family.

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