Thursday, January 24, 2013

The relationship is the knowledge!

When I first picked up this book I wanted to use it as a tool to bring me closer to Christ.  And that is exactly what I got.

I am new in my faith and am eager to get my hands on everything that I can to help me learn more about the bible.  I am taking classes on the bible to get a better understanding.  But I seem to be getting a wealth of knowledge but am no closer to my God then I was when I started.

This is just the book I needed.  My church teaches that we need to be more Christ-like but what does that mean.  Did Christ have an overwhelming understanding of the events of the Bible?  Did he know all the history behind it before and after his death?  Or did he simply understand His Father and preach the truth?

This book helped me to understand that my relationship with God is not just about facts and understanding His word but rather understanding myself in order to grow with Him.  This book guided me in how I interact with my fellow believers and non-believers as a way to grow in my relationship.  While quoting scripture is good it is not everything.

My 5 year old sprain his ankle at the playground and he immediately (after he was done crying) began to pray.  As he took his first steps on that ankle he shouted that the trusted in God.  He knew exactly where to place his faith and where to look for guidance.  This book taught me that I didn't exactly need to know the Bible but more importantly I need to know my God and trust Him.

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