Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vegan in 2013!

It all started with Food Inc. and my innocent notion of wanting to know where my food came from.  Well it is now 4 years later, a ton of documentaries and not a whole lot of change (on my part)!  I continually think I can change my diet and my families diet so easily and it has yet to happen.

Yes, we no longer eat fast food.  In fact my son thinks McDonald's is called Old McDonald's and has only eaten there about 2 times (thanks to his grandmas!).  We rarely eat outside of the house and if we do it is generally sushi or Submarina.  We purchased a juicer after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and have done countless juice fasts but we are still fighting to get to our goal.

But this time I think I have found my motivation!  I got my blood test results back from the doctor.  Turns out I have high cholesterol.  What!?!  I am a healthy woman in my early 30's, not overweight and have a healthy diet.  How can this be?  So it is with new determination that I start my new goal... I have said it countless times before but I am changing my diet to a plant based diet (in other words... VEGAN!).

It seems like a scary notion... no meat, no eggs and NO CHEESE.  I might be okay with the first two but no cheese, UGH!  So I am going to work into it gradually.  Each month I am slowly going to eliminate one animal product from my diet and end the year as a vegan.

My original goal was to post each week on my progress but it seems that life has gotten in the way.  Here it is the middle of February and I haven't even posted this... So keep an eye out for my progress so far!

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