Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Month to a Better Life

The reason why I chose this book was to see if I could create a better relationship between my husband and I.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only did it strengthen our relationship it strengthened ALL my relationships.  This book opened my eyes to the areas where I could improve and create a more meaningful relationship.

I loved the step by step process that this book lead me on.  Not only was I able to implement all the features like being in the moment and letting go of the past but I was able to do it easily.  The fact that this book is set up to work one week at a time was fantastic.  Having a busy schedule meant that I needed to focus on one area at a time.

My life before this book was great.  I had a great relationship with my husband and my children.  But now my relationship with them is so much richer than before.  I don't let the parts of life that don't matter interfere with the parts that do.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and their emotion well-being!

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