Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One of My Favorite Authors!

I love to read a wide variety of authors but each time that I read anything by Nick Vujicic I am reminded that he is my favorite.  I previously read "Life without Limits" and instantly fell in love with him and his story.  And after reading Limitless I am even more convinced of the plan that God has for me.

I think that many of us question why we are the way we are.  If you walk in faith you know that God created you exactly the way he wanted.  But for many of us that reason makes us crazy.  We often ask why are features are the way they are, why we aren't taller or blessed with great athletic abilities... and so on.  But after reading anything, and especially this devotional but Nick, you are reminded that even a man with no arms or legs but created for a purpose.

I love this book because it shows you each time you read it that God's love for you is beyond your physical attributes.  God loves us for what is on the inside as well as what we do with our love for Him.  Nick challenges us to look beyond the obviousness of our circumstances and see God in our lives.

I highly recommend anything written by Nick and encourage everyone to read his books.  If you know anyone struggling with their faith or in their life in any way, then this is a great book for them!

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