Friday, June 28, 2013

Break-through Understanding!

Most of the books I tend to like are fiction.  Something that can take me away from my everyday life.  But this book dragged my into my life and helped me confront some of things I never understood (not that I completely understand them now).  But this book helped me dive into the minds of my husband and my young sons.

Being a woman, I was drawn to this book.  I wondered what was so secret or special that this book needed to be titled, For Women Only.  I quickly found out why.  I also discovered so many answers as to why my husband acted the way he did during our conversations.  I always wondered by I acted a certain way as well.

This book does a great job of helping you to slowly integrate different techniques in building up the man in your life as well as how to help them give you what you need.  I loved how this book took me step by step through the process.  I would read one chapter and try to integrate the tools I learned into my life.

I have begun to see changes in the men in my life and how we interact.  Even though my sons are young I can still see their "maleness" coming though in how we communicate.  I am so thankful to have read this book.  I am starting, and I stress starting, to understand how their minds work!

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